Dowager House | Hannibal Lodging in MO

The Most Romantic of Garth Woodside Mansion’s Hannibal MO Cabins EVERYTHING YOU NEED FOR ULTIMATE ROMANCE Julie and John Rolsen wanted to build a secluded cottage that would offer the ultimate in romance and privacy to guests of Garth Woodside Mansion desiring a romantic Missouri vacation. Their dream was to include absolutely everything anyone might ever want for a very special and intimate romantic getaway or honeymoon. Not a detail was overlooked in this Hannibal MO cabin, and none of the special touches they knew their guests sought were spared. What resulted was the spectacular, three-story stone Dowager House, now offering the perfect refuge for romance. This is most definitely the most luxurious and romantic of Hannibal MO cabins. What did it take for Garth Woodside Mansion to create an extremely romantic setting?

1. Fireplaces: Look for not just one, but two. Guests can turn on one fireplace for the double whirlpool tub in the bath, and the remote one for the bedroom, while lying in bed. The bedroom fireplace has a beautiful window over it, allowing one to view the stars over the fireplace at night. This was an influence from Mark Twain’s private study in his home in Hartford, CT. He wanted to be able to see outdoors and have the snowflakes appearing to fall onto his fire; great idea as it works just as well all these years later with a gas fireplace.

2. Whirlpool and Hot Tubs: Again, the Rolsens knew their guests looking for the ultimate in romance would want the double whirlpool tub in the bath, but they didn’t stop there. There is also a wonderful Hot Springs Hot Tub on this Hannibal MO cottage’s private deck, overlooking the pond.

3. Luxurious Linens and Baths: The enormous king-sized bed sports 1200, yes, twelve hundred, thread count linens. For those who don’t know about thread counts, this feels like the ultimate in satiny sheets. The bathroom offers a ten by four-and-a-half foot shower with eleven showerheads, including ones that rain down from the top. Technically, this should count as a whirlpool tub, as it’s ultimately a vertical whirlpool. There are two sinks, and lest you think the Rolsens forgot anything, one is taller than the other, to offer something for the tall and something for the shorter guests. Finally, there is a bidet in the water closet, and a towel warmer rounds out the offerings here.

$395 per night


  • Fireplace(s)
  • Hot tub
  • Fluffy spa towels
  • Private Bath
  • Featherbed
  • Scenic Views
  • Desk
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Luxurious linens
  • Microwave
  • High thread count sheets
  • Large windows
  • Large closet
  • Lace curtains

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