Is this your first Bed and Breakfast stay? Not sure what to expect or even ask? We have filled in our answers for the questions we are suggesting, Add your own questions for what is important for you. Print this page and have at it!

Can I book online?
Of course! Click here

When is check-in?
4:00pm or later / 3:00pm for Dowager House

When is check-out?
11:00am or earlier / Noon for the Dowager Cottage.

What are the rates?
Weekend Rates : Mansion: $197.55-$219.35 / Cottages: $347.75-$422.65

Weekday Rate: Mansion: $176.55 – $227.84 / Cottages: $347.75-$417.89
(Based on double occupancy. Each additional guest is $35)

Toll free Telephone?

Rooms are on what floor?
All on 2nd and 3rd floor / Cottages on 1st

Do rooms have Private Bath within the room?
All of our rooms have private baths in their room with doors used only  by you.
Believe me you want to ask this question!  Some inns think private means when you shut the door it is yours, but you will share it.

Will my room have air conditioning?
Central A/C with separate zone for each guest room, most with gas fireplaces.

How many comfortable chairs in the room?
At least two (some more)

Is the inn inspected by the Health Dept.? Member of state association? In MO it is the Bed and Breakfasts Inns of Missouri (BBIM)
Yes and Yes

Do the owners live in the same building?
Yes, in private quarters

Is there off street parking?
Yes, plenty, free and paved.

Are guest’s pets allowed?
Not in the mansion, but there are nearby kennels.  You may have a small dog in one of the cottages for an additional fee.

Do owners’ have pets?
Yes, deer, turkey, birds, llamas, & alpacas – but they are strictly outside.

Is smoking limited to outside?
Yes, the mansion, rooms, and the restaurant is a completely smoke free environment.

What time is breakfast?
Between 8:30 and 9:30, business folks anytime arranged with the innkeepers.

Can breakfast be earlier or later if needed?
We are very flexible when alerted in advance.  If you are here for a wedding reception or ceremony, ask us about special breakfast times.

Is breakfast in the same building?
Yes, it is for the mansion rooms.  The Woodside cottages do need to walk to the mansion for breakfast.  The Dowager Cottage has breakfast delivered.

Are children allowed?
With prior arrangements (13+)

What about telephones?
We have phone jacks in each room if you would like to have a phone in room, yes

High Speed Internet Access?
We have a wireless over the entire property so you can stay connected if you so choose.

Gift shop items for sale?
We have lots. Say thanks to your friends for giving you that gift certificate with a hand-thrown Garth mug.

Other Services?
extra blankets and pillows, iron, nightshirts, custom soaps, shampoo, and even toothbrushes, extra towels, you name it…if not in the room already, just ask!

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