New Year

PBS show Illinois Stories

Over the holidays this past December we were thrilled to have Mark McDonald, the host of Illinois Stories visit us.  He and his fun cameraman spent a few hours with us and off they went.  It felt like Oz, they came and went so quickly.  But, they really know what they are doing and what they were looking to do.  Above is the link to the show, which will be shown throughout the month of January and February this year.

With is just being on youtube at this time so far the phone has started to ring for folks to come and stay.  If you have been here before it is easy to pick your favorite room or the next one in line to try.  Come and relax and enjoy the walking trails we have lengthened.  If it will be your first time, you will enjoy our little and historic town with shops galore. Save time to hang out at the mansion and all it has to offer.  Inside and outside, you will have a hard time finding your favorite spot!

And, you do not need a reason to come and stay with us. Just come.


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